About Airlie Funds Management

Airlie was founded by John Sevior and David Cooper in 2012, with Matt Williams and Emma Fisher joining in 2016.

John and Matt had worked together for over 15 years at Perpetual, establishing a long and successful track record of investing in Australian equities.

With Airlie managing over $8bn for primarily institutional clients, the Airlie Australian Share Fund was launched in June 2018 for retail investors. The fund is managed by Matt Williams and Emma Fisher, who are both significant co-investors in the fund.

The Airlie difference

The Airlie difference

The Airlie investment process aims to construct a concentrated portfolio of its 25-35 best ideas. The financial strength of a company is the first consideration in any investment: only companies with strong balance sheets are considered investible.

The research effort is then focused on finding quality businesses run by good management teams. At Airlie, we believe the returns of a business ultimately drive the valuation, and look for situations where the quality of a business is underappreciated.

What is the Airlie difference?

Put simply: experience. Our experience investing over many decades drives our conviction that owning well-run, quality companies with strong financial positions is the path to long-term wealth creation in investing in Australian equities.

"Airlie is a business purely focused on performance, with a limited number of funds… I wanted to build a small nimble team focused on finding the best opportunities."
John Sevior - Founder and Head of Australian Equities

Meet the Investment team

Meet the Team

Airlie is a specialist Australian equities fund manager which brings together some of Australia’s most experienced industry participants.

Pictured: John Sevior, Emma Fisher, Matt Williams, Darren Ottawa, Vinay Ranjan, Jason Day, Will Granger, Joe Wright, Melissa Jones

Portfolio Managers

Portfolio Managers

The Airlie Investment Team is one of depth and experience. Portfolio Managers Matt and Emma are supported by a further five investment professionals, including founder John Sevior, who is also Portfolio Manager of the Airlie Concentrated Share Fund.

Our ESG policies

Our ESG policies

Airlie is committed to responsible investment. Consideration of ESG issues is a component which is implicit to Airlie’s investment philosophy and selection process, in that Airlie’s aim is to incorporate material ESG issues in the same balanced way it does other key risks which impact investment performance.

Airlie’s Responsible Investment Principles outlines and summarises Airlie’s approach to responsible investment, ESG integration, engagement and proxy voting.