Invest using BPAY®

Investing with BPAY® is simple and flexible;

  • You can make regular recurring additions to your existing investment at the frequency and amount of your choosing# (no minimum per transaction).

  • You do not need to send an instruction to the Unit Registry when adding to your investment using BPAY® or when changing the amount and/or frequency of a recurring BPAY® payment.

  • BPAY® payments generally clear overnight. Faster clearance times mean that units will be issued to you earlier.

Who can use BPAY® to invest?

Existing investors

At present, only existing direct investors can use BPAY® to add to their investment. BPAY® is not currently a payment option for new direct investors (who come into the fund via application form) nor new and existing investors whose holding in a Airlie fund is via the ASX (HIN).

How do I use BPAY® to make an investment?

BPAY® is available as a method of payment in the online banking portals of most Australian banks and financial institutions. We recommend that you contact your bank or financial institution to confirm that you can use BPAY® to make a payment from your account, or if you are unable to locate BPAY® in your online banking portal.  

Once you have logged in to your bank or financial institution’s online banking portal, follow these steps to add to your existing investment:

  1. Enter the Biller Code for the Fund (The Biller Code for the Airlie Australian Share Fund is 287607)
  2. Enter your unique 12-digit Customer Reference Number (CRN). Please note that this is different from your investor number. Please contact the Unit Registry to obtain your CRN or refer to your latest transaction confirmation
  3. Enter the amount you wish to invest. Please note that there is no minimum amount to additional investments made by BPAY®.
  4. Record your receipt number or save a copy of your BPAY® payment receipt as proof of payment. The Unit Registry will send you a transaction confirmation once units have been issued to you.

# Subject to your financial institution or bank supporting scheduled payments and systems availability.


No. Your unique Customer Reference Number (CRN) will allow the registry to allocate your BPAY® payment to your investment.

BPAY® payments from credit card accounts will not be accepted

BPAY® allows you to schedule recurring payments at the frequency of your choice. Most Australian banks and financial institutions have a scheduling function as part of the BPAY® section on their online portals.